Come and visit our next installation with the Oxfam Stand as One Campaign:  Giant Dolls' house Project- Stand as One

June 14-23  in the Museum of Childhood  part of Refugee week 2019 and the London Festival of Architecture


The Giant Dolls’ house project is a collaborative arts project. It engages local communities and has raised money for homelessness organisations in Britain. The aim of the project is to make people aware of the importance of a home and community for all and to celebrate a united diversity.


Since its start in October 2014 the project has been to Dubai, North Carolina, Bournemouth and has been part of the London Festival of Architecture for four consecutive years. The installations created can be used as conversation pieces, to tell stories, or just to look at. Each installation is dependent on the different collaborators and demonstrates the diversity of the groups involved in the project. We have found that the dolls’ house can be used to explore ideas of identity, both shared as well as personal, and that the dolls’ house project is always a good reflection of the different people who have created it.


The Giant Dolls’ House Project is the initiative of Catja de Haas and the result of her ongoing research into the use of imagination and miniature to explore the ideas of home and community.


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