LFA 2018 (core event) at Downstairs at The Department Store

Hosted by Squire and Partners Architects. Contributions from Squire and Partners, Sudbourne Primary School, Clapham Youth Centre and participants of the one day workshop (with Lala Thorpe from Artescape, Shelter, Sophie ten Bosch and Charlotte Fisher)


Home Stories - preview and lecture evening as part of London Festival of Architecture 2018.

Through four short lectures from Catja de Haas (Giant Dolls’ House Project), Tim Gledstone (Squire and Partners), Rhea Newman (Shelter) and Josh Gaillemin (theWholeStory), the ideas of home, identity and community are addressed.


Peanut Factory Edenton, North Carolina (run by Julia Townsend and Lincoln Adams)

Visitors to the workshop made dolls’ houses, children from the Gates Country High School, the John A Holmes High School, the Studio 551 arts club and the Boys and Girls Club Edenton, Professional Dolls’ house makers (Beverly Kirchmeir and Vero Brentjes) with Louise ten Bosch


The Doodle Bar with UAL Chelsea College of Art, Interior and Spatial Design

First year students of Shibboleth Shechter and Colin Priest made dolls’ houses on their first day in London about where they are from and participants in the day long workshop (with Ellidth Watson, Sophie Walker, Victor ten Bosch, Sophie ten Bosch and Charlotte Fisher)


Lecture Evening at The Doodle Bar

Intoduction by Will Alsop (aLL Design) with lectures from Catja de Haas (Giant Dolls’ House Project), and Angela Ford (professional model maker).


LFA2017 (partner event) in JW3 (Will Jennings)

Children from Fitzjohn’s Primary School Nursery Class (Silva Latoracca), from Artescape (Lala Thorpe and Lorraine McCourt), from Swiss Cottage School (Nicole Marks) and Chigwell Primary School, Holmes Miller Architects, Spark, Modelshop of MAKE architects and Erika Suzuki


‘Architecture and Communities’, Architecture TEMPS conference


thejamjardubai, Dubai as part of al Quoz Arts Festival

Visitors to the two day workshop with a contribution from Syrian artist Sylva Karakit and works created by AUD


AUD, American University Dubai, Arts Department

Staff and students of Professor Julia Townsend, Professor Saba Qizilbash, Professor Annamaria Lambri and Professor Nadine Bitar Chahine, Dr Bilal Wajid, children from International School of Art and Science, students from Gizela Van Der Sandt, among others


UAL Chelsea College of Arts, Interior and Spatial Design

Students and staff made dolls’ houses (with Shibboleth Shechter and Colin Priest)


Lecture at UAL Chelsea College of Arts, Interior and Spatial Design


LFA 2016, Maestro Arts Gallery with housing and homelessness charity Shelter

Children from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, the Roche School (Susi Pruce) and Tower House School (Jon Wolf), Beneficiaries of the Red Cross Hackney Destitution Resource Centre in Dalston (with Cindy Hanegraaf), Diony Karpaiou, and Takero Shimazaki Architects


Lecture at UAL Chelsea College of Arts, Interior and Spatial Design


Arts University Bournemouth, Bournemouth

Student from the department of architecture, led by Simon Beeson and Dr. Willem de Bruijin


Lecture at Arts University Bournemouth, Department of Architecture


Fun Palace Event, Raynes Park School with housing and homelessness charity Shelter

Two hour long workshop made dolls’ houses


#Transacting: Exploring the dolls’ housing market, organised by #Critical Practice, House Guard Parade Arts market

Day-long workshop filled the existing dolls’ houses


LFA 2015, Headquarters of housing and homelessness charity Shelter

Children from Duncombe Primary School, office of ALL-design and Ana Araujo (with Artescape and Shelter)


The Gallery in Richmond, run by Mhairi Hindle

Day-long workshop (with Artescape)


TESTBED01, Battersea

Students from Tower House School and Artescape (with Artescape)

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