VGDH11 Amelie blk


My name is Amélie, I am 8 years old and I attend my absolute favourite pri­ma­ry school in the Nether­lands. I love singing togeth­er, play­ing the vio­lin, field-hock­ey and meet­ing my friends, and play­ing horse” with my old­er sis­ter on the tram­po­line in our gar­den. I real­ly don’t like the Coro­na virus. I can only see all school friends, singing‑, vio­lin- and hock­ey-friends through Zoom. But it is very dif­fi­cult and sad for every­one, per­haps most of all for all grand­fa­thers and grand­moth­ers, all peo­ple who are not very healthy and for all refugees. They are not allowed to receive vis­i­tors and have nowhere to go. That is why I think this Doll­house project is very good because espe­cial­ly for them (for refugees) this time is very dif­fi­cult and sad. We talked a lot about refugees in the mak­ing of this house, my moth­er was also a refugee a long long time ago. I play out­side every day (with my sis­ter) and then I have a lot of fun, but we are also some­times Coro­na-tired, and then we have a fight more often than usu­al. In the kitchen I then try to make a treat for all 4 of us, from choco­late, whipped cream and straw­ber­ries. And we also have activ­i­ties dig­i­tal­ly (online). And I also play a lot of music with my sis­ter. I wrote my 2nd piece of music (on the com­put­er) and I called it the Zuider­hoef schierei­land” (Zuider­hoef Penin­su­la). And we play horse games on the com­put­er, and we get even more bed­time sto­ries from my dad than usu­al. Thanks for my sis­ter who helped me a bit with my Dol­house, Greet­ings Amélie.