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Eman Tello

I’m a Damascus-based architect, and art is my life. I love photography, painting, crafts, and music. With my camera, I trap the details and moments I wish to immortalize. My photos are sometimes simple, but they capture stories and intense emotions.

I have therefore created Weirdie, through whom I combined my love for crafts, photography, and self-expression. Through the day-to-day details of Weirdie’s life, I express myself and savor the things and notions I hold dear. He also resonates with many people although he doesn’t feel like he fits in with the world around him. He has a small number of friends, he is comfortable in his own skin, and he spend his time doing the things he loves. He wouldn’t waste a moment on anything that doesn’t feel right or doesn’t feel like him.

When I first started capturing Weirdie’s life, I introduced people to his character, hobbies, and interests. He plays the oud, reads, goes for long walks in Damascus, and does many other things. I then decided to build his first house. It was very simple but the perfect fit for his character. I shared the details of his life for almost two years before his life expanded and he needed a bigger house, so I built him a Damascus-inspired home full of the cultural details he loves. I also capture the moments in his life that reflect my deepest silent emotions.

After about a year of moving into his new home, Weirdie wanted to pursue a new hobby and turn it into a profession, so I built him a tannour bakery next to his house. Now the details of his life have expanded to this bakery.”