VGDH15 Caroline Hblk

Parents and Children

This is a bit stark look­ing, but it’s rep­re­sent­ing being a child as an adult, look­ing in at your elder­ly par­ents in iso­la­tion… I’m quite enjoy­ing lock-down and all the pos­si­bil­i­ties it throws up, things that you actu­al­ly have the time to do- but I haven’t seen my mum for near­ly 3 months- and she can’t use a com­put­er! I put my Dad in there too, even though he died 3 years ago- I’d love to see them both face to face. When I last saw my mum, she looked like a doll at her win­dow.. We’re all well though, and it’ll be great to enter the dolls house when we sur­face. Me look­ing in on them empha­sis­es how roles shift as we get older.