VGDH70 Elena the dark and colorful side of lockdown

The dark and colourful side of lockdown

The COVID 19 virus has changed our lives and mind­sets for­ev­er. We are just exit­ing a peri­od dur­ing which we were forced to stay at home, quar­an­tined and to apply social dis­tanc­ing at all times in order to con­trol the virus’s spread­ing. Not every­one expe­ri­enced con­fine­ment in the same way; It is always a mat­ter of per­spec­tive and con­text. Every good thing might be bad for some­one else because life has not just one taste, nor just one col­or for every­one. For some of us it has been a dark phase, for oth­ers a col­or­ful break.

For each of us Covid 19 was a dif­fer­ent chal­lenge: Either to real­ize that we live our lives like a ham­ster on a spin­ning wheel or like a roller coast­er, run­ning and run­ning between work, activ­i­ties and chas­ing after mon­ey, or to strug­gle fac­ing our own real­i­ty, or even worst fac­ing our inner voice and con­science in regards to life, goals, suc­cess, fail­ure, anx­i­ety, fears, stress, depres­sion, addic­tions, desperation.

For those that were liv­ing a busy life the lock­down is a hap­py, col­or­ful mem­o­ry. For those who were already strug­gling, this phase became an even dark­er peri­od with no escape.

Ele­na Stavropoulou Archi­tects Col­lab­o­rat­ing with Irene Sobatzi, polit­cal scientist.