VGDH70 Elena the dark and colorful side of lockdown

The dark and colourful side of lockdown

The COVID 19 virus has changed our lives and mindsets forever. We are just exiting a period during which we were forced to stay at home, quarantined and to apply social distancing at all times in order to control the virus’s spreading. Not everyone experienced confinement in the same way; It is always a matter of perspective and context. Every good thing might be bad for someone else because life has not just one taste, nor just one color for everyone. For some of us it has been a dark phase, for others a colorful break.

For each of us Covid 19 was a different challenge: Either to realize that we live our lives like a hamster on a spinning wheel or like a roller coaster, running and running between work, activities and chasing after money, or to struggle facing our own reality, or even worst facing our inner voice and conscience in regards to life, goals, success, failure, anxiety, fears, stress, depression, addictions, desperation.

For those that were living a busy life the lockdown is a happy, colorful memory. For those who were already struggling, this phase became an even darker period with no escape.

Elena Stavropoulou Architects Collaborating with Irene Sobatzi, politcal scientist.