Reimagine your Neighbours – A Giant Dolls’house Installation for London Festival of Architecture and Refugee week 2024. June 17-23 2024

The Giant Dolls’ House Project is a social arts project that asks participants to make a dolls’ house in a shoebox. The project is run by Catja de Haas Architects and is the result of Catja’s research into the home and miniature. The project highlights the importance of a home for all and celebrates a united diversity.

Come and visit the community of dolls’ houses at the EH Smith design centre with the theme:
Reimagine your neighbours.” part of London Festival of Architecture and Refugee week. in the EH Smith design centre in London.

We all have neighbours — some nearby, others further away. Neighbours can be friendly or annoying, but more often than not, they help each other out in times of need. In this installation, participants imagine we are all good neighbours to each other, including those who live far away and need our support. We know that we are all different and don’t need to agree on everything, but when needed, we are there for each other.
Three students from OM Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv have made dolls’ houses in a shoebox in a virtual workshop, and we asked them what they want to tell the people in London about themselves, as their lives and neighbours have changed profoundly the past two years. Their stories are hard breaking but it’s important we hear them.
The results of the online workshop and the virtual dolls’ houses will be on display, as well as a dolls’ house installation with dolls’ houses made by students, children, and architects from the UK. Do you want to participate? Download the instructions You can also Submit your dolls’house online online. 

Book tickets for our Storytelling Evening
Tuesday June 18 from 18.0020.00

Join us for a lecture and story evening on miniature, community and memories with Ievgeniia Gubkina, architect, historian, and author of Being a Ukrainian Architect During Wartime’, and Mariia Rusanova, lecturer at the University of Kharkiv, discussing her research on Kharkiv. The event will include insights from workshop participants. Josh Gaillemin from Whole Story’ will engage the audience in the art of storytelling using the dolls’ house installations. The evening is moderated by Catja de Haas.