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If you have a prob­lem sub­mit­ting your box, you can also send box and text to us direct­ly to [email protected]​giantdollshouse.​org.

Safe­guard­ing and data privacy

By sub­mit­ting this email I agree with the following:

  • Par­ents and guardians should email or share work on behalf of young peo­ple aged under 18
  • The only iden­ti­fy­ing infor­ma­tion Giant Dolls House will pub­lish along­side par­tic­i­pants’ work is their first name(s), age(s) (if under 18) and the city, town or bor­ough where they live. Par­tic­i­pants may with­hold this infor­ma­tion if they wish. 
  • Cat­ja de Haas and Giant Dolls House will retain par­tic­i­pants’ con­tact details safe­ly until July 2021 when they will be delet­ed. They will not be shared with­out con­sent. Par­tic­i­pants may only be con­tact­ed in rela­tion to this project.
  • We will share images and sto­ries Insta­gram, Face­book and Twit­ter. Please pro­vide a han­dle if you wish you (if over 18) or your organ­i­sa­tion to be tagged in.
  • We hold the right to sub­mit the book­let with images and texts and the result­ing Giant Doll­s’­house instal­la­tion for publication.