Make a dolls’house in a shoebox and join the Giant Dolls’house community. The Giant Dolls’ house project engages participants in thinking about their home and environment and raises awareness for homelessness and refugees. The aim of the project is to create a dialogue between people and make them aware of the importance of a home and community for all. We are proud to be part of London Festival of Architecture and Refugee week. With our event and installation Reimagine your Neighbours. 

Students and their families from OM Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv will make dolls’ houses in a shoebox in virtual workshops around the theme of reimagine your neighbour. They have lived through more than two years of war and have not been able to attend university or school physically. Some spend a lot of time in bomb shelters and others have moved to different parts of Ukraine or to another country. Those who stayed in Kharkiv live without electricity much of the time. 

The results of the online workshop and the virtual dolls’house will be on display at EH Smith Design centre. There will also be a real dolls’house installation with dolls’houses made by neighbours of EH Smith design centre in London.

We all have neighbours — some nearby, others farther away, some above or below. They can be friends or sometimes annoying, and we can help each other out.

When a country is being invaded and at war, relationships between neighbours, as well as the neighbours themselves, change. According to a Ukrainian architect: neighbours move away when their buildings are destroyed, distant neighbours become close friends, and everyone in the town becomes a close neighbour as they share the same experience. Those who have fled the country find — as well as become ‑neighbours to people in their new place.

Would you also like to participate and make a dolls’house in a shoebox? Please contact us and we will send you the details.

You can also Send your house following these instructions.

Lecture and Storytelling Evening
Tuesday June 18 from 18.0020.00

Join us for a lecture and story evening featuring talks by Ievgeniia Gubkina, architect, historian, and author of Being a Ukrainian Architect During Wartime’, and Mariia Rusanova, lecturer at the University of Kharkiv, discussing her research on Kharkiv. The event will include insights from workshop participants. Josh Gaillemin from Whole Story’ will engage the audience in the art of storytelling using the dolls’ house installations. The evening is moderated by Catja de Haas.

260620 VGDH Installation BLK

The Alone Togeth­er instal­la­tion, in sol­i­dar­i­ty with 70 mil­lion refugees, explored our sense of home and com­mu­ni­ty dur­ing the Covid lock down. Please browse through the book­let that lists the sub­mit­ted dolls’ hous­es with descrip­tions. Many thanks to all the participants.

The Giant Dolls’ House Project + Oxfam installation was part of London Festival of Architecture 2020 and Refugee Week