The Giant Dolls’ House Project

Join our vir­tu­al Giant Dolls’ House with sto­ries from peo­ple all over the world about their Covid-19 expe­ri­ences. Learn more

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Alone Together

The instruc­tions by Gov­ern­ments all over the world for peo­ple to stay at home dur­ing the coro­n­avirus pan­dem­ic has made every­one more aware of their per­son­al space and the val­ue of their com­mu­ni­ty. The 70 mil­lion refugees around the world have also lost their free­dom of move­ment and access to their communities.

In the Vir­tu­al Giant Dolls’ House project, we ask chil­dren of all ages and their close ones to cre­ative­ly share their expe­ri­ence of stay­ing in one space because of self-iso­la­tion and social distancing.

Mak­ing a dolls’ house in a shoe­box engages par­tic­i­pants in crit­i­cal think­ing and craft skills. It visu­al­ly demon­strates the impor­tance of com­mu­ni­ty and mutu­al sup­port for all people.

Example 3

Here­by my box of light. I feel that dur­ing this dark and uncer­tain peri­od, we are all look­ing for a lit­tle light and positivity. 

Many of us have lost our jobs and most of our dai­ly rou­tine. I see a lot of peo­ple focussing on mak­ing this peri­od as pro­duc­tive as pos­si­ble. How­ev­er, I feel that this does not have to be a require­ment and can also just be a pos­i­tive side effect. I have realised that, for me, this is a time to just stand still and focus on the fact that we can just be. It’s okay to just watch TV, paint, read as many books as we want or even drink as much wine as we want. Even when it all get’s a bit grim, remem­ber to find the light in your friends and family!

Example 1

Wel­come to my Rom­mel box for the Vir­tu­al @giantdollshouse! This is a mild rep­re­sen­ta­tion of how my room will come to look in the com­ing peri­od… I have come to the con­clu­sion that it’s more than fine not to have my room cleaned up all the time now that we’re in iso­la­tion. Not only my room but my life, it’s okay just to take a break and not con­tin­ue on with life as if noth­ing has changed or become extra productive.

Example 2

This last month of social dis­tanc­ing and iso­la­tion has made me acute­ly aware of the shift from win­ter to spring. The blos­som trees and flow­ers are start­ing to sprout up, pro­vid­ing much need­ed enjoy­ment on my dai­ly walk. I want­ed my dolls’ house to focus on pos­i­tive aspects of these strange times. The main focus of my dolls’ house is nature, specif­i­cal­ly the view from my desk out to the gar­den which has been a big source of plea­sure in the last few weeks. As we move through spring and the weeks of lock­down con­tin­ue, the trees get will their leaves and the flow­ers will bloom. This is some­thing I can look for­ward to see­ing and enjoying.

VGDH15 Caroline Hblk

This is a bit stark look­ing, but it’s rep­re­sent­ing being a child as an adult, look­ing in at your elder­ly par­ents in iso­la­tion… I’m quite enjoy­ing lock-down and all the pos­si­bil­i­ties it throws up, things that you actu­al­ly have the time to do- but I haven’t seen my mum for near­ly 3 months- and she can’t use a com­put­er! I put my Dad in there too, even though he died 3 years ago- I’d love to see them both face to face. When I last saw my mum, she looked like a doll at her win­dow.. We’re all well though, and it’ll be great to enter the dolls house when we sur­face. Me look­ing in on them empha­sis­es how roles shift as we get older.