Kharkiv2024 03

Kharkiv 01

Since the beginning of the war, the life of every person has undergone changes. My world, as it seemed to me then, was divided into two parts. One part remained above ground. There the sun was shining, it was raining, people were leaving the city and coming back again. Until the siren was heard, it seemed that the world had not lost its colors at all and all the bad things were left behind. But this is a deception. It has become dangerous here, and if you forget about it, you risk paying with your life for your carelessness. The second part turned out to be completely different. Underground, time seems to stop and you are left alone with your anxieties, thoughts and doubts. Here you feel detached from the world above, and it is very frightening. But this place turns out to be a salvation. The surrounding walls are oppressive, but will also protect in case of danger. Someday the world above will return to order, and we will all be a part of it. But while explosions are heard outside the window, my thoughts involuntarily return underground again, to the place where my fears remain. (Anastasia 18, OM Beketov National University Kharkiv)