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Examples of boxes made by members of the Giant Dolls’ House community

All that is required is a box (it doesn’t have to be a shoe­box!). Dec­o­rate it in a way that reflects your cur­rent expe­ri­ences, emo­tions and sur­round­ings, or some­thing else that helps you find com­fort in in these times. 

You can make a box with mem­bers of their house­hold or on your own. Along with your box, write a short sto­ry or expla­na­tion about it: what you made and why, or a thought to go with your box — we love hear­ing about your experiences!

We would like you to pho­to­graph your fin­ished box, and then email it to us along with your sto­ry. We will take your images and sto­ries to cre­ate one big glob­al com­mu­ni­ty Giant Dolls’ House to cel­e­brate World Refugee Day on 20 June. 

Cre­ative tips

To make your doll’s house you need a shoe­box or box of any size, with­out a lid. You can dec­o­rate the box with any­thing that you find in your home or your environment.

Think about nat­ur­al mate­ri­als such as bark, plants and nat­ur­al fibres or re-used mate­ri­als such as old mag­a­zines, fab­ric scraps, loo rolls, scraps of wall­pa­per, bot­tle caps, old news­pa­pers, sweet wrap­ping, plas­tic bot­tle caps, old fab­ric, etc.

Then there’s lol­ly-pop sticks, paper and card, pen­cil and paint as well as old pieces of jew­ellery, any­thing you can find. You can make what­ev­er you like in your box. You’ll also need glue, scis­sors and pen and paper (be care­ful with sharps and ask an adult for help if you need it).

Cans, lol­ly-pop sticks, bot­tle tops. Look what you have in your house. Look what you can make from sim­ple ele­ments. We will post more ideas and oth­er box­es on our social media, so fol­low us! @giantdollshouse on Insta­gram, Face­book and Twit­ter.

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