Making a Doll’s House

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Examples of boxes made by members of the Giant Dolls’ House community

Creative tips

To make your doll’s house you need a shoebox or box of any size, without a lid. Decorate it in a way that reflects your current experiences, emotions and surroundings, or something else that helps you find comfort.

Think about natural materials such as bark, plants and natural fibres or re-used materials such as old magazines, fabric scraps, loo rolls, scraps of wallpaper, bottle caps, old newspapers, sweet wrapping, plastic bottle caps, old fabric, etc. 

Then there are lolly-pop sticks, paper and card, pencil and paint as well as old pieces of jewellery, cans, lolly-pop sticks, and bottle tops. anything you can find. You can make whatever you like in your Dolls house. You’ll also need glue, scissors, a pen and paper. 

You can make a box with your friends or family or on your own. Along with your box, write a short story or explanation about it: what you made and why, or a thought to go with your box — we love hearing about your experiences! 

Look what you have in your house. Explore what you can make from simple elements. We will post ideas and other boxes on our social media, so follow us! @giantdollshouse on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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