Kharkiv2024 01


With this layout, I want to tell about the everyday life of Ukrainians through my story. I remember chatting with my mom in the kitchen and eating ice cream. It was tasty, but then the ice cream ended up on the floor, and tears welled up in my eyes. My mom and I both panicked and fell to the floor, not because of the ice cream. A military plane flew over the house, and the sound of its engine sliced through the silence like a knife. We lifted our heads and met each other’s gaze, filled with fear and confusion. The world seemed unreal, as if we were being watched on TV, and someone was mocking our helplessness. Every day we felt like our lives had become a cruel reality show, where we were just helpless actors who could die at any moment, without even getting a chance to say goodbye… I miss that ice cream because it was a little ray of light that brought some joy during the days and nights of explosions. But even that was taken away by the Russians… (Liza, OM Beketov National University Kharkiv).