VGH21 06 Lidwien BL


It has been a tough year, these past 12 months. How small the world has become, although we are lucky to be able to reach out and speak to family and friends far-away. There are so many people facing this pandemic in much more dire situations. And let’s face it, Covid 19 is not the only problem in the world. This is a box filled with my Covid-quarantine life. You can see a drawing of my husband, I am really missing him, as he is now living and working in China. I included a photo of my mother in law, who passed away in January. So difficult to say farewell without my husband and our son. My son is drawn standing with his girlfriend under the US flag. We are looking forward to meeting his girlfriend in real life The car in the dolls house is to symbolize that I have been driving more than usual, to pick up and drop off our daughter (also a drawn portrait of her) in Utrecht, where she studies. I have been driving to the south of the Netherlands, to visit my mother in law as often as possible in the last months of her life. Our youngest daughter has been stuck home with me and our dog. Sometimes our other daughter will stay for a day or longer. I cherish the time we spend together too. Realizing this might not happen again for such long periods, to have ones adult children back home. We do creative projects, sometimes together. I try to read or puzzle and not binge watch too much TV. Having a dog has been better than it already was, one of us is allowed out after curfew to walk the dog. “- Lidwien